15 September 2010

Pourquoi et Petite Ouverture


15 septembre:  These trifles were made on a day I was expecting very little of myself. What will come of them? A day later, I think I’ve partially unlocked the “Y” in Pourquoi?  (The support beams along the walls of the studio were the obvious inspiration.) Working in the studio this morning, I played with the “Y” connection centered between my shoulder blades and connected up and down my vertical axis. It is a means of command to locate—both mentally and physically—then activate that point and the lines of energy that radiate from it. There is a feeling of expansive reach across the chest, of dancing with wings! Along with reading Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum at night before drifting off to sleep, I imagine a dance/installation/video in the long studio strung with plumb bobs hung from the rafters! Off to the local hardware store!   About Petite ouverture, it’s just a play on props, I suppose, but with a continued fascination with arcs, ascents/descents, pendulums, gravity, and what it means to be a biped in life’s little circus ring. Click here!