Recent Works for the Screen:

Late Quartet:  password: Op.132
A cappella
Notations at 70:
Six Piano Pieces:
Boomer Trinity:
Canon a 4 (For José):
Studies in Living Color
Dunce Club
Enter/Exuent (Stage Directions for Actors):
Four Displacements for Interpretive Dancer
Men on Mars:   password: Jezero
February Triptych:
Naked Came I:      
Clonal Renderings 10: Ombra mai fu:
Clonal Renderings 9: Gulliver
Clonal Renderings 8Narcissus:
Mitternachtschöre (Midnight Choirs)
Fugue State: A Dirge for the Trump Era:
Cantata BWV 199: Hangmen of Hell:
Weather Man 2020
Three X Thollem:
A Month of Goldbergs:
The Man I Want to Be:   password: my manhood
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice:
Clonal Renderings 7: Pandemic Portfolio:
Pandemic Paint Box:
Three Videopoems for the Pandemic:
Scramble Theory 101:   (3:12)
the artist and his models (the 1200 poses):

password: burst mode
Les Illuminations (Phan):
The Waiting Room  
Seven Elegies
Life Studies (Traces of a Solitary Presence)  password: September
Acrylic Worlds:



Making Screendance: Thoughts on an Interdisciplinary Practice:
Spanning a 50-year career as dancer/choreographer, video artist and more recently, as painter, Sparling's lecture-demonstration for video reveals his passion and process for making screendances. His videos incorporate and fuse together his own danced improvisations with greenscreen/keying editing effects, music, painting, costumes, film and theater. He accompanies his talk with a stream of still and moving images that vividly illustrate and embody his ideas.




Sarasota/New College MG Lecture:
This presentation was given at New College in Sarasota, FL on Sept. 12, 2018 in conjunction with the Sarasota Ballet's staging of Martha Graham's "Appalachian Spring". Graham regisseurs Peggy Lyman and Peter Sparling spoke of Graham's life and work, with a specific focus on the making of "Appalachian Spring".

Bodies Among the Ruins lecture: password: ruin porn

The Dance of the Paint: Thoughts on an Interdisciplinary Practice  




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