16 November 2009

Ethics on Teaching Dance

On a2ethics.org,celebrated dancers and teachers of their art, Peter Sparling and Sheila Graziano, join Bart and Jeanine in a fascinating two-part discussion on the ethics of teaching dance. Their discussions are as kinetically intelligent as dance itself. Among the topics we moved in and out of, to and from, as well as back and forth: the tension between democratic and selective auditioning; the ethical impact of dance competitions; the role of the teacher in modeling what Peter Sparling calls, "humane dance"; the different and sometimes conflicting ethical etiquette and customs of teachers due to the incredible variety of dance forms; the dance teacher's responsibilities toward colleagues who do harm to dancers; what the dance teacher owes to dance as well as to dancers; and finally, what communities owe to dance and to dancers, from engagement to financial support of the kind that encourages creative freedom and opportunity.