20 December 2010

What’s a Nudie Strip?

20 decembre

So what is a Nudie Strip?? Taking one’s clothes off for the artist or the camera has a long history—sometimes nasty and sordid, whether soft or hard core, and other times sublime, whether sacred or profane, i.e. the essence of Greek/Roman statuary, Gothic Christ figures, Renaissance murals and Michelangelo Bound Slaves, continuing through Eakins, Muybridge and Francis Bacon. For this study, I strip for the camera, then make film strips (video segments on Final Cut Pro) of overlays of vertical strips or panels that reveal in various degrees of transparency and colorized, textured effect the naked body dancing alongside its body doubles. The illusion is of many bodies sharing the same (virtual) space, as many figures do in a comic strip (horizontally formatted) or photo booth pic (vertically). Walking the streets of European cities, leafing through magazines, seeing multiple reflections in windows, off shiny surfaces, on TV or computer screens, gives me a feel for the digital image overload everyone is talking about. Is it a cheap feel, or a profound vision?? Surface or depth?

I found a musical score among my iTunes collection that Frank Pahl had sent my way many months ago. It is from a collaboration with a band, Tomorrowland; Frank provided certain sound tracks which the band “orchestrated”, if I have it right.Click here for Nudie Strips.