12 September 2010

Two Little Dances/ Handel & Bach

Two little dances mark the end of my first week here.

Petit Bach places me once again in the sweet embrace of Bach’s solo violin music. I isolate myself in a vertical niche or shrine, and attempt to embody the sound…  I “play” its sound/score as it plays my body/instrument. I found a black table without one of its legs leaning on an angle and placed it as a backdrop behind a wooden bench in the studio. The flip camera did the rest, along with some cropping and a sepia effect. Paris is layered with antiquities, shrines, gargoyles, and mementos of the past. Frames within frames, windows filled with precious objects, remnants,  figures long separated and isolated from their original housings, functions, meanings. Click here. 

petite méditation sur l’espace is pretty much just that: an improvisation in an altered or heightened state of concentration or mindfulness, inspired by the space of the studio and the space defined by the camera. I danced and videotaped it in silence then “scored” it in editing with a piano piece by Handel to make a duet of two complimentary musical lines in respectful coexistence. Click here.