05 April 2018

Spring 2018 Update

With my retirement from University of Michigan looming, (May, 2018) I am looking forward to more time to paint, make videos and write. My first one-man show will be in Ocrtober, 2018 at 22 North Gallery in neighboring Ypsilanti, MI. Here are updates on screenings of my videos: 

Cutting Edge Film Festival 2017:
   Late Bloom (password: iris)
   Clonal Renderings 2: Canon 
   Clonal Renderings 3: Landscape with Clouds (password: Bosch)

Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 21-25, 2018
   Clonal Renderings 3: Landscape with Clouds (password:Bosch)  

Sneak Preview of new work:
Clonal Rendering 4: Man in Suit (password: buffoons)