23 September 2010

Patient Spider


22 septembre: another 9 a.m. early slot in the Micadanses studios, and I’m determined to beat these allergy-like symptoms of congestion, heady heaviness and sapped energy. I want to “on” for the Cité reception today and for my first foray into Paris danse tonight at the Théatre de Ville with Hofesh Shechter.

This feeling I have at times of being isolated on a desert island—like Tom Hanks in “Castaway”—is wearing thin. I’d like to engage a bit more with others to balance the time alone in studio or editing, reading, walking…  Perhaps seeing more dance and taking the time to think through and write about what I see will engage my time in new ways. As for productivity, it seems my dance/video work has fallen into three general grooves: 1) an acknowledgment/embodiment of the spaces I’m in, using attributes of the light, architecture, surfaces, props, furniture, 2) mostly nude or partly clothed figure studies in which I dance between making my own live body edits while improvising before the camera, and editing that footage in FCP: cutting and pasting, re-framing and collaging, BUT with the movement and rhythm of the editing FOR THE EYE the guiding force or intention, and 3) constructing, through opacity or superimposition of different parts or roles I myself perform for the still camera , group dances to be set on live dancers at a future date. Another Grand Rapids Ballet “Vox Humana” to Spem in Alium/Tallis,  made in this manner? ? Something for University Dance Company, 2012? Ann Arbor Dance Works? A handpicked PSDC project/resurrection?

It will be interesting to eventually determine whether the videos of 1 & 2 will last beyond the étude stage, or if some or all become part of a travelogue/diary I can present in performance/screening. Set some (Satie, Rameau?) on dancers? Some have taken longer to make, (Does that mean they are more complete or finished?), while others have been quick studies. And who is/will be the audience? I have them embedded in my website journal, but who really takes the time to view them? They are accessible only through the website, so if I am serious about getting them seen, I need to push the PR up a bit.

I’m feeling moments of hesitancy—qualms—about making so many studies with my bare backside/nude figure. But them I think of Muybridge and Eakins, Bacon, Rodin, etc. etc. What about using other nude bodies? Ask men to “pose” as models? Yikes. And what of The Bodytalk Template?  Ann Moradian has given me some names. I could pursue this AND reserve the long studio with the black curtains, but, alas, no special spot from above in the black box.

Bach Cantata: Use les Fernands idea in recitatives … men irregularly placed through space in silhouette in front of or surrounding solo man on bench in special; same for woman’s solo recitative with group of women.  Their movement either indirectly related: poses of everyday work, activities/or direct steals from solo? For first aria, group against solo man, group moving fitfully across stage, meandering in blocks, during oboe instrumental, and solo taking vocal line. Have the movement subvert itself constantly, with unexpected weight shifts and directional changes.

New video to Yehuda’s music: What will he think? Will he allow me to put it out there? Am I happy with it? How “finished” is it?

A few hours later. Glad to report Yehuda has given it/me his blessing. Click here for world premiere of Patient Spider