26 April 2023

New Screendances and Paintings 2023

Screendances 22-23

Created for the Martha Graham Dance Company’s April 2023 season at the Joyce Theater in NYC, this video tribute honors distinguished company alumni over 80: https://vimeo.com/807937854 
The Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival presented my screendance, “Winterreise”, with live performance of the Schubert score at Detroit Institute of Arts in June, 2022: https://vimeo.com/818108289
This short animation has been featured in numerous festivals and was recently  awarded the Best Michigan Filmmaker Award at the 2023 Ann Arbor Film Festival: Three Short Shorts:  https://vimeo.com/677842447
Two other animations combine my danced improvisations with painted & drawn animations:
Color Theory 101: https://vimeo.com/800332636
Picture This: https://vimeo.com/797962506
The Crooked Tree School of Ballet in Petoskey, MI presented three of my works that combine live dance performance with animated video projections: Fall for Dance 2022: https://vimeo.com/797684084
This was created to an original poem for a lecture: Videos for the Void: https://vimeo.com/709484316

Paintings 2018-2023https://vimeo.com/305744774