15 April 2015

Man in Motion: The Snowy Owl at Cannes Short Film Corner

Peter Sparling - Man in Motion: The Snowy Owl at Cannes Short Film Corner image

I am thrilled to report that I'll be flying to Cannes, France on May 15 to attend the Cannes Film Festival! There, I'll mingle and market my screendance, The Snowy Owl, which was accepted into the Festival's Short Film Corner. 

The Snowy Owl (2012) 

Dance/Video: Peter Sparling
Text: Benjamin Landry: "The Snowy Owl" from Suite of Movements 
Music: Benjamin Duboc, Jean-Luc Petit, Didier Lasserre, Sylvian Guerineau, Pascal Battus, Sophie Agnel, Christian Pruvos
Director of Photography: Jacques Mersereau
Director of Lighting: Jeff Alder

Dancer/videographer Peter Sparling reimagines a poem by Benjamin Landry by embodying its subject in a series of strange movement scenes that unfold in a black void alongside the text. Caught in a web of domestic uncertainty, the dancing figure, a middle-aged man, negotiates a bizarre terrain.

I have edited a video sampler to promote my work: Man in Motion: Screendances by Peter Sparling:https://youtu.be/krzILCkbmVU