25 September 2010

Le Matin au Musée du Moyen Age/Cluny

26 septembre: What a bizarre night it is! 2:21 a.m. and I'm wide awake, with dance grooves rocking the foundations of my building and rattling the fixtures, all from a party in the next building--or is it from the Hôtel de Ville a few blocks away--some benefit for a heart foundation? My nose is bleeding internally from the drugs I was prescribed the other day, (something speedy in the allergy medication?) and I'm awaiting rendering of a big work I made today inspired by the statues and panels at the Cluny. It's a Gates of Hell of sorts surrounding poor Jesus on the Cross. Lots of agony, at least 20 frames at once filling the screen, filmed right here in my 4th floor studio. I'd intended to walk all the way to the Musée Rodin this morning but instead feared the sudden cold with only a sweater on. So what I got instead was much earlier embodiments in wood and stone of Adam, Christ, John the Baptist, Sebastian, saints, writhing martyrs, and 3-D wide-screen bodyscapes telling the "same" story with simultaneous episodes defying time as the eye is led insistently from one to another in no specific order. You must see the art from Slovakia in a special exhibit. The most Incredible St. Sebastian in wood I've ever seen, and Christ's hair and crown of thorns are straight out of Alexander McQueen. Some Middle Ages! Click here for Le Matin au Musée du Moyen Age/Cluny.