02 November 2012

Clonal Renderings at Work: Ann Arbor

Clonal Renderings tour
A Screendance Installation at Work: Ann Arbor, September 21-October 19, 2012: I know you're there, but who am I?: Explorations in Identity and Place

Clonal Renderings attempts to map the disorientation of a body floating in a void of its own making.  How does the moving body inscribe or describe itself to itself? To the witness, real or imagined? In the digital world, what is real? Is there an original or prototype “self” apart from its replication or variation? 

This installation rendering of the work involves one video score (link to original version) created first for single screen then separated into three layers or transparencies.  These layers are simultaneously projected onto three different white scrims, hung one behind the other, such that the viewer can witness the overlay of all three by seeing all projections at once through the scrims. The effect is similar to 3-D film in terms of creating the illusion of depth, but in this case, it actually has depth, using the space of the gallery as a staging site. My idea is for the viewer to experience three “renderings in motion” from a single or multiple vantage points. The musical score is by frequent musical collaborator, Thollem McDonas. McDonas is joined by William Parker and Nels Cline in an improvisation from a recently released CD, The Gowanus Session