06 November 2010

6 novembre: Cut-Ups and Le Roi Vain et Stupide

6 novembre: Paris Cut-Ups and Le Roi Vain et Stupide

 I took both HD Sony and flip cameras into the studio with me early yesterday morning, along with a new pair of long underwear/tights from H & M. Using an adjustable garment rack on wheels as a frame, I improvised for both cameras within diminishing rectangles. For one set, I wore a black top with red long sleeves; for the other, I camped it up with bare torso.

My initial inspiration was the imagery of Jean-Michel Basquiat: his graffiti scrawls, images of crowns, figures, lists… Two short pieces emerged during editing. Paris Cut-Ups in Red & Black plays with overlays, formatting, sequencing, portraiture, a personal sign language, and the upending of the usual sense of gravity on the screen. Click here. Le Roi Vain et Stupide began as yet another three-paneled piece. (I have yet to make something of the series of shrinking rectangles.) Watching myself, I was reminded of the arrogance of the poseur, of many French men I’ve met, of the remnants of the aristocracy that make Paris so glorious, of the ridiculous wealth in certain arrondissements here, and of my “act” of appearing kind of dumb for the camera. Yes, I have crowned myself as king of my video domain! Or does that just happen in the act of improvisation, when I really do not know what comes next… and I do nothing to hide it? Yes, I have crowned myself as king of my video domain! How vain! How stupide!  I order you to click here